Hiring A Private Detective

Things To Consider When Hiring A Private Detective

Hiring a Private Detective (Private Investigator) can be a scary process when you don’t know what to look for. You should consider these issues when hiring one for your case:

  • Licensed – This is required by the State of Washington.

  • Insured – Do they have liability insurance, including errors and omissions?

  • Trained – Have they received specialized training for surveillance or interviewing?

  • Experience – What specialized experience do they have to assist you in your case?

  • Ability to Testify – Are they trained and ready to testify on your behalf?

  • Clean Record – Do they have a clean arrest record to be a quality witness in court?

  • Associations – Do they have a professional association that has a standard of practices?

  • Customer Service – Are they empathetic and provide a quality of service, anticipating your needs?

While costs are always a factor when hiring a private detective, there are many factors that will impact your case. This is not to discount the costs of an investigator, though. Rain City Investigations keeps the costs at a reasonable level by industry standards while providing quality service.

Training, experience, and ability to testify in court are signs of a good investigator. If a client is looking for an investigator to conduct surveillance, it would benefit them to hire someone who has conducted surveillance before. This also pertains for investigators who have to appear in court to present evidence collected. A trained and experienced investigator can benefit a client with strong testimony. This benefit is further enhanced with a investigator possessing a clean record. Rain City Investigations has over 15 years of federal law enforcement training, experience, and education.

Associations are a helpful resource not only for potential clients, but also private investigators. These associations have a set of ethics investigators must follow and can show quality standing in the industry. This creates an additional level of trust between the client and investigator. Rain City Investigations is a member of the Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators (PNAI).

No matter what private investigation agency you employ, I highly recommend using this list to find a qualified and trusted investigator to assist you.

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