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Private Investigator Associations and Credentials

Local Government Sites

Information Databases



Please understand that a private investigator has many databases not available to the public for research. These databases are sensitive and limited to licensed private investigators, lawyers, and law enforcement professionals. Rain City Investigations considers all information gathered (even if publicly available) as sensitive, and will protect it from commercial third-parties. No social security numbers will be given to clients for privacy and security reasons.

Information independently collected by the client can be verified by Rain City Investigations to include evidence analysis. This could be anything from previous/current addresses, telephone numbers, and vehicle registrations. The only information not provided to clients is someone else’s social security number, for obvious security reasons.

For regulations concerning what a private investigator can and can’t do legally, I recommend reviewing the link for Washington State law. This can address questions on “dumpster diving” someone’s garbage for information gathering, audio recording a conversation without the other person’s knowledge, or placing a GPS tracker on an individual’s vehicle. (All of these are illegal in the state of Washington.) Rain City Investigations will review all actions requested by the client and go over the legality for each.


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