Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Background Investigations are provided include to clients, including (but not limited to) pre-marital screening, pre-employment, and tenant checks. Rain City Investigations conducts these background investigations focusing on local, state, and federal levels covering:

  • Criminal history checks
  • Military service
  • Restraining and no-contact orders
  • Civil suit history
  • Child support judgments
  • Previous addresses
  • Sex Offender registration

For corporate pre-employment background investigations, Rain City Investigations can conduct investigations for any and all of the above to include credit history (with proper credit check documents signed by the identified individual).

Rain City Investigations also provides background investigations about businesses. This can include all previously listed checks, as well as including (but not limited to) type of business, ownership, holdings, sales, assets, and any legal cases named. Unlike inexpensive third-party data providers, we will spend extra time and effort to establish a person or business’s full background. You can be confident that you will receive thorough and complete results for each background investigation.

Many background checks are very limited in scope, and have had negative consequences. In recent conversation with a business, it was discovered that they conducted a quick background check for $30 that only covered criminal history. Unfortunately, it didn’t cover the new employee’s child support judgment and false work experience. The new employee was found conducting theft, and the business was without a qualified employee and several thousand dollars.

All background investigations will be conducted with due diligence. All databases checked and interviews will be listed and shown with completed results. Upon completion, there will be an investigative report detailing the filings to the client. There will be no judgments made in the report, only the results found from the investigation. All searches will be confidential and copies will be given to the client with social security numbers withheld for security purposes.RCI Logo