Civil Investigations

Civil Investigations

Rain City Investigations offers services for civil investigations. These private investigations can range from any civil matter -examples can be from vehicle accident/injury claims, neighbor disputes, and breaches of contract.

With vehicle accident and injury claims, Rain City Investigations has training and experience in identifying causes of vehicle accidents and can conduct surveillance to identify fraudulent injury claims. This type of civil fraud occurs often, and it is important for you to be able to defend yourself in court.

Neighbor disputes can be very difficult. The proximity of living next to a neighbor claiming wrongdoing is something that can be uncomfortable to even hostile. Examples of this are civil claims for invasion of property lines, which can be a long and drawn out process to find out who is at fault. Thankfully, a proper check of several databases and some surveillance can result in the matter being resolved.

Finally, breaches of contract can be investigated by Rain City Investigations. These contracts can be tenant agreements, non-competition contracts, or non-disclosure agreements. With tenant agreements, landlords and tenants alike are protected from possible disputes, although they do occur. This could include sub-letting, not moving out when the tenant was signed to do, or working a business from the residence. This can also be a breach from the landlord not giving proper legal notice before entering or showing the residence to possible future tenants.

With non-compete contracts, an employee agrees not to pursue a similar profession or trade in competition against their current or previous employer. If they do, they could intentionally or unintentionally share valuable trade secrets, company assets, client lists, business practices or marketing plans. These agreements help protect the employer from theft of confidential proprietary information. Rain City Investigations can locate the employee and verify employment if needed to prove a breach of contract.

These contract cases can’t have any involvement by the requesting party or its employees, because doing so could be considered tampering with evidence and will make any evidence inadmissible in court. Conducting these investigations can range from a long list of actions. This can include conducting interviews, taking photographs and/or video, accessing and reviewing records, and conducting surveillance.

These are just some examples of civil investigations. There are many other types out there, and Rain City Investigations can assist you with any of them. Our goal is to gather as much information as possible for you, so your attorney can use it in support of a possible civil court case. Whether you are a petitioner or defendant, we can work for you to find evidence that will prove your side in court.RCI Logo