Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Rain City Investigations provides fraud investigations. This exposes possible deceitful or dishonest activity with the objective of obtaining money or benefits, or evading a liability. This can range from insurance claims to employee theft and includes worker’s compensation insurance.

Workman’s Compensation Claims

Many claims pass through worker’s compensation without an investigation for authenticity. A thorough investigation can save significant money by identifying fraudulent claims. This can include surveillance, identifying individuals who might have claimed a disabling injury and are instead out playing baseball. It can also include interviews with the worker, their friends, family, or neighbors.

Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud is carried out within a company by employees, involving issues such as false accounting, theft of cash, payroll fraud, theft of intellectual property, false expense claims, collusion with customers and suppliers, inventory loses, and reporting of excessive overtime.  Many cases of internal fraud go unreported because of the potential embarrassment and liability risk involved.

These cases can be very complicated in investigating. Fraud with accounting, expense claims, and payroll fraud can be very difficult to identify. Rain City Investigations has experience in these types of investigations, and will be able to assist you in finding this fraud. Depending on the investigation, it may be best to have a private investigator to conduct the investigation rather than a company employee. While it may seem strange to have an outsider working the case instead of human resources, it may give the company a way to distance itself from the matter. Small businesses without a human resources department can also benefit from Rain City Investigations assisting with possible fraud.

Fraud investigations offered can include services such as background investigation, interviews, location of relevant individuals, and surveillance. All fraud investigations will be conducted with discretion and a firm commitment to protecting your company’s assets and reputation.RCI Logo