What should I be looking for in a private investigator?

When hiring a private investigator, make sure they are licensed, insured, and vetted. You can verify current license status on the Washington Department of Licensing website for free. All investigators should be able to provide their license and proof of insurance upon request.

By vetted, we recommend looking for their membership in investigative associations. These associations usually review their members, making sure they offer quality service. You can check with the Better Business Bureau for an investigator’s membership and status. Also look for reviews on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

How do I get started hiring a private investigator? Then what?

However you are comfortable! Email or calling is best. Once you explain your case and the investigator agrees to take it, a contract will be drawn up detailing the service to be conducted. After being reviewed and signed, the investigator will conduct the investigation, keeping you properly apprised of the case. At the end of the investigation, the investigator will provide a detailed report, any evidence collected, receipts, and an invoice for your records.

What information should I provide?

As much as possible! The more information you have can streamline an investigation, saving time and money. The information provided could save an investigator hours searching for knowledge you already have. No detail should be left out, because it could assist in finding the best course of action and resolution.

How do you process payment?

We are able to process all major credit cards. We also accept checks and cash.

What guarantees do I get with a private investigation service?

Due diligence. There are no guarantees of results in private investigations, unfortunately.

All that can be guaranteed is that your private investigator will exhaust every rational avenue to bring closure to your case. Example: We can’t guarantee a person will do an act while watching them.

What kinds of cases will Rain City Investigations, LLC decline?

We do not conduct locate investigations or give contact information of celebrities/public officials.
We also do not conduct surveillance in stalking cases.

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Kevin is absolutely amazing. Excellent service and incredibly professional. Very quick response and turnaround on investigations. He helped me before with a matter in 2017 and when I needed help trying to locate a guy who stole money from me, he looked into the matter and didn’t even charge me for doing the research. I highly recommend him.

“I contacted Kevin in hopes that he’d help me find an old high school friend of mine. I shared the information I had on her, and within 20 minutes he’d emailed back, letting me know that the information I had was the most current. He could have swindled me, and “taken my case” and found her. In this day and age when it seems everyone wants to take as much as they can, he stuck to his morals and helped me. I’m very grateful to him. I’ve been looking for her for over a decade. Thank you, Kevin for letting me know I was on the right track!

“Rain City Investigations truly exceeded my expectations.  Kevin was professional and very prompt. I called in for a service and within hours i received the information needed. I highly recommend that you bring all your business to him. He listened and understood my needs and really wanted to help! Thank you again Rain City Investigations!

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