Background Investigations

Maritime and Fisheries Investigations


Personal Injury and Insurance Claims

Criminal, Civil, & Domestic Investigations

Background Investigations

Whether for a business or individual, Rain City Investigations will investigate criminal/civil history, residences, military service, work history verification, assets, bankruptcy, liens, foreclosures, and more. We will also conduct surveillance to identify their daily activities to identify other potential risks.

Corporate Investigations

Rain City Investigations conducts corporate investigations. The subjects of investigation can include breach of contract, cease and desist issuance, fraud, intellectual property/copyright violations, and corporate espionage. All investigations are always confidential and discreet in nature.

Maritime and Fisheries Investigations

Rain City Investigations possesses over 6 years of training, education, and experience with NOAA OLE. Investigations can include personal injury, witness interviews, data collection, surveillance, and records review.

Criminal, Civil, and Domestic Cases

Rain City Investigations offers services for criminal, civil, and domestic investigations. These private investigations can range from any criminal or civil court matter.

We can assist in locating witnesses, subjects, dead-beat parents, etc. We also can conduct subject and witness interviews, review police reports and records, and coordinate surveillance for personal injury cases.

For domestic investigations, we can conduct locates and surveillance for whatever your needs are. These are normally for infidelity/adultery, but can also be used for child custody cases.

All investigations are completely confidential.

Note: We do not accept all assignments, nor do we investigate celebrities or political figures. We do not accept investigations for stalking or other illegal purposes. 


Rain City Investigations conduct investigations to find long lost family members/missing heirs, debtors, defendants, or witnesses. The more information you already have, the more efficient we can be on finding them.

When it comes to individuals who are homeless, we will conduct sweeps throughout Seattle to find them for wellness checks.

Many public “Instant Search” databases are third party companies that may have public record information that is old and unusable.


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“Quick and great service! Rain City Investigations responded quickly to my request and was both thorough and professional in their response. I was really impressed with the quick turn-around time and would definitely use them again.”

“Cannot be friendlier or more professional. He helped me with a very personal matter and could not be more pleased. Without hesitation would use him again. Hopefully I never have to though.”

“Great service! Rain City Investigations responded to my request very quickly. Kevin provided a detailed and thorough answer to my question and included a list of the actions taken. I was really impressed with the quick turn-around time and would definitely use them again.”

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