Rain City Investigations

Your Local Seattle Private Investigator


Background Investigations

Whether for a business or individual, Rain City Investigations will investigate criminal/civil history, residences, military service, work history verification, assets, bankruptcy/liens/foreclosures, and more.

Maritime and Fisheries Investigations

Rain City Investigations possesses over 6 years of training, education, and experience with NOAA OLE. Investigations can include personal injury, witness interview, data collection, surveillance, and records review.


Rain City Investigations conduct investigations to find long lost family members, debtors, defendants, or witnesses.

Criminal Investigations

Rain City Investigations offers criminal investigation . These private investigations can involve subject and witness interviews, police report and record reviews, surveillance, and locates.

Civil Investigations

Rain City Investigations offers services for civil investigations. These private investigations can range from any civil matter to include business and individual civil cases, personal injury claims, corporate fraud, and breaches of contract.

Domestic Investigations

Rain City Investigations offers services for domestic investigations. These include adultery and infidelity, child custody cases, asset searches, and evidence of abuse. All investigations are always confidential and discreet in nature.

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